What is statcheck?

statcheck is a program that checks for errors in statistical reporting in APA-formatted documents. It was originally written in the R programming language. statcheck/web is a web-based implementation of statcheck. Using statcheck/web, you can check any PDF for statistical errors without installing the R programming language on your computer.

To use statcheck/web, simply upload a PDF or HTML file of your APA-formatted document. The output will identify any errors in statistical reporting that can be identified. (For a summary of what statcheck can and cannot do, see the statcheck manual.

What happens when I upload a document?

When you upload a document to statcheck/web, our server runs the most recent version of statcheck (that which is available on CRAN, the Comprehensive R Archive Network) on the files uploaded. The results are printed to your browser, and may be downloaded in CSV format.

Do you maintain a copy of analyzed papers or results?

No. Once all files have been analyzed, the source PDF(s) or HTML files are deleted. Outside of simple server and activity logs, no record of results is maintained. We do not maintain any archive of submitted files. To ensure privacy, a maintenance script that deletes any uploaded documents is run every five minutes. The code run on this server is available here.

Are there any file size/number or bandwidth limitations?

There are no per-user limits on the number of papers that can be analyzed. A maximum of 100 MB of files may be submitted at once.

I need to cite statcheck. How should I do that?

Programming the statcheck R package and web app took a considerable amount of effort and time. If you use the R package and/or web app in your research, please consider citing them as follows.

statcheck: the R package
Epskamp, S., & Nuijten, M. B. (2018). statcheck: Extract statistics from articles and recompute p-values (1.3.1) [R package]. Retrieved from https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/statcheck/index.html.

statcheck: the web app
Rife, S. C., Nuijten, M. B., Epskamp, S. (2016). statcheck: Extract statistics from articles and recompute p-values [web application]. Retrieved from http://statcheck.io.

Something is broken. Who can help me?

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